You know how Tumblr puts posts on your dash that it thinks you’d like even if you aren’t following the OP?

Tumblr just recommended me a gifset of horror movies.

Tumblr I can’t even watch certain episodes of Doctor Who without someone to hold my hand what the fuck are you doing.

There is supposed to be a really big thunderstorm tonight and I can already see lightening in the distance and did I mention I am reallY SCARED OF THUNDERSTORMS?

/ugly sobbing

omfg okay so a customer came into work yesterday wearing an SNK shirt and i really wanted to say something but i didn’t know how to bring it up? but then he came over to ask for something and without even thinking i let him get as far as ‘excuse me’ before i replied ‘what is it eren?’

and that will probably be the best conversation starter i will ever use.

Big shout out to kawa11fille for being literally the best follower I have ever had on this site because she always reblogs my art and selfies and she replies to my personal posts with really encouraging messages and she is just super nice (and also her blog is gorgeous?!?!)

You are a massive cutie and thank you for everything 

I am absolutely determined to grow my fringe out even if it’s going to look stupid and stick in my eyes for the next 2 months.

I am making this happen. 

Had to take today off work, I feel reeeeally sick 

Gonna go sit in bed and draw or play Kingdom Hearts or something.

"We’re reasonably confident that the very next thing to happen to Sherlock and John, is the very last thing you’d expect…” - Moffat

In this fandom, I seriously doubt that.

I was introduced to a 2 year old girl called Vriska yesterday.

It’s begun.

My oh my~

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Hey cuties I’m doing a fun colour palette thing on my art blog you should definitely go and send me requests?? image

nearly got caught drying my fringe under the hand dryer in the toilets at work wow that could’ve been awkward

"Tomorrow we can watch the green man. Fat man. Green fat. Yeah."
-I think my mum might be a bit tipsy. FYI she’s talking about The Incredible Hulk.

If someone ever tells you that you’re too tall for heels, kick that person in the face with legs longer than their life span.

is there such thing as a father who doesn’t write in all caps though