See you in 2 weeks cuties, it’s time for me to head to Seoul!

I’m hoping to post pictures up while I’m there so my blog probably won’t be dead for the next 12-14 days, but on the off-chance I can’t post then I will see you all soon!  xoxo

in other news, my manager at work persuaded me to download quizup and it has been the best decision of my life so far

10th in the UK for final fantasy holla holla

Ahh I only just saw I got tagged in this so it’s a bit late u3u
Desktop meme, tagged by super huge cutie kawa11fille!
I am gonna tag garchompe, dragonragedizzy, snapshot19 and shenzi-hemlock~

Something that a lot of people need to understand is that introverts need to shut themselves away now and again in order to ‘recharge’. We aren’t ignoring you, we aren’t distancing ourselves to get attention, we aren’t moping. We just need you to be patient and understanding.

Apologies in advance to everyone I am probably going to unintentionally upset today, but I haven’t had any time to myself in almost a week and I am feeling really drained. OTL

It’s just over a month until I go to Seoul and I am really excited because this will be my first time flying and also leaving the UK and!!!

I just woke myself up because I was giggling in my sleep??

i just ordered a 500GB memory drive for my PS3

if i don’t update for weeks, you know why

gotta have a blood test on Monday eyyyyy

Had to ask to be sent home from work today for the second time this week, I really need to make a doctors appointment and find out what’s up.

It’s really weird for about a week I’ve been feeling queasy off and on, and twice now within seconds I’ve gone from totally fine to feeling nauseous, light headed, wanting to burst into tears even though I’m not sad, and my heart quickens up and I start quivering like you do when you take too much of a ventelin inhaler.

Anyone have any idea what it might be?


You know how Tumblr puts posts on your dash that it thinks you’d like even if you aren’t following the OP?

Tumblr just recommended me a gifset of horror movies.

Tumblr I can’t even watch certain episodes of Doctor Who without someone to hold my hand what the fuck are you doing.

There is supposed to be a really big thunderstorm tonight and I can already see lightening in the distance and did I mention I am reallY SCARED OF THUNDERSTORMS?

/ugly sobbing

omfg okay so a customer came into work yesterday wearing an SNK shirt and i really wanted to say something but i didn’t know how to bring it up? but then he came over to ask for something and without even thinking i let him get as far as ‘excuse me’ before i replied ‘what is it eren?’

and that will probably be the best conversation starter i will ever use.

Big shout out to kawa11fille for being literally the best follower I have ever had on this site because she always reblogs my art and selfies and she replies to my personal posts with really encouraging messages and she is just super nice (and also her blog is gorgeous?!?!)

You are a massive cutie and thank you for everything